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BH Cosmetics is one of the cosmetics brands rapidly gaining popularity today. Aside from product quality, a lot of women choose the brand due to comparably cheaper prices. Hence, the company provides the opportunity for all women to look like a celebrity at lesser costs.

BH Cosmetics coupon code

A Brief Background on the Company

This company that started in 2009 is based on North Hollywood, California. And among its original products are the numerous color combinations of eye shadow palettes. This early success made BH Cosmetics recognize the opportunity in developing other cosmetic products for the lips, entire face, including numerous accessories like brushes and makeup bag or kits. With roughly 3 years in the industry, the brand has managed to gain the trust and favor of both local and international customers. In addition to its direct cosmetic sales, the company also has managed to expand its operation and marketing across the globe by offering wholesale or distributorship services.

Cosmetic Products and Accessories

The products offered by this company are focused on makeup necessities and accessories. Each of these items usually falls under any of the following categories. And it can also be observed that bulk of the brand’s offerings is composed of color palettes.

  • Eye Makeup. If you want to make your eyes speak and look more vibrant, the brand has a long list of eye makeup colors and styles from the smaller 6-color palette to the more complex 120-color palette. The colors are more lively, striking, and vibrant compared to all other eye makeup brands. The lighter tones are ideally worn for regular or daily activities and trips while the more colorful and elegant ones are just fit for parties and formal events. If your pallet eventually runs out of a specific color, the brand also sells them individually. Also included in its eye makeup line are the gels, primer, and the correcting primers.
  • Face Makeup. The bulk of the work in putting up makeup is focused on the face. They offer the basic up to more complex face makeup solutions. The bronzing powder is popular for women who want to achieve that beautiful healthy tanned face without any heat or damage inflicted by the sun. There’s also the 10-color concealer palette that is capable of hiding any facial flaw that a woman might have. The contouring palette as its name suggests will provide that needed enhancement in a woman’s facial structure. And of course, the main blushing makeup shall never be absent; there are the 10-color and 26-color palette options for these ones. Finally, there are foundation primers and the anti-shine serum.
  • Lip Makeup. Instead of conventional lipsticks, this cosmetics company offers color lip glosses in the form of palettes. You will never run out of options with its 32 and 66-color lip gloss palettes. The brand also offers its own lip primer and set of waterproof lip liner.
  • Accessories. The brand has three types of false eyelashes available. The natural ones, the flirty, and those intended to make you look like a doll. There are cute and stylish makeup kits and bags, the eyeliner pencil sharpener, and a wide range of makeup brushes. And if you are planning to avail a complete set of cosmetic brushes, there are brush kits, cases, or belts offered plus a brush cleaner and signature BH Cosmetics scents.

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Makeup Buying Guide: How To Choose The Best Essentials.

With companies pitching makeup products backed with claims that may sometimes seem unbelievable, take them with a grain of salt. If it seems too good to be true, it likely is too good to be true. The top staples to a high powered makeup look are foundation, mascara, and lipstick. Lets run through some advertising tricks to keep you from buying the hype and get you buying the right product for you.


Mascara is a must-have for almost any woman. Some of us won’t even leave home without it! Choosing the right mascara to make the most of your lashes can be tricky, because many mascara commercials and ads mislead consumers.


Any mascara commercial that shows eyelashes that look absolutely out of this world. Those commercials are using false lashes to give the impression of great lashes, when in fact, that result is impossible to achieve with the product they’re selling. If they need to use false eyelashes to draw you to their mascara, chances are it doesn’t hold up well enough on its own.


Mascaras with realistic looking eyelashes in ads and commercials. Those brands don’t have anything to hide. Don’t buy into the gimmicks of expensive mascaras; they all work just about the same, and many makeup artists even use drugstore brand mascaras.


Foundation is the focal point of every look. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your eye makeup is if your skin doesn’t provide the perfect canvas for your look. Healthy looking, beautiful skin makes all of the difference in the world.


BB Creams. BB creams are essentially a new form of tinted moisturizer, but sometimes are described in a way that would suggest they’re a replacement for foundation. They work great on people who already have very good skin, but if you’re looking for coverage, you’re not going to get it from a BB Cream.

Also be wary of foundations that come in novelty packaging or formulas. Foundations that spray from a can or foundations that have a “mousse” formula are almost always a gimmick.


Foundation with a large range of shades. You’re more likely to find a nearly exact match from a large range. Look out for brands that sell foundations in multiple finishes, like matte or “dewy” type finishes, or foundations that come in a formula for oily skin and dry skin. That means that the brand is trying to recognize everyone’s needs and is more in touch with their customers. You’re less likely to be disappointed.


Lipstick is one of the most widely purchased cosmetic items, and for a good reason. Surveyed woman have consistently said that buying a new lipstick is a great remedy to pick them up when they’re feeling down. However, it’s better to choose quality over quantity.


Lipstick in cheap packaging. Lipstick in packaging that looks easily breakable is likely poor quality. Cheap lipsticks contain much more oil than lipsticks at a slightly higher price point. This causes them to come off very easily, or even transfer onto your face. Yuck!


Lipstick in sturdy packaging. If a company feels good about the quality of their lipsticks, they’ll often put them in durable and attractive packaging, because they know that every woman loves to feeling of taking a pretty lipstick tube from her purse and fixing her pout.

So, print this out as a guide and take it to the drugstore with you the next time you decide to treat yourself. These little tips can save you money, and you’ll be far happier with the purchases you’ve made. Nobody likes waiting in line to return products that were a big thumbs down!

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